Saturday, 21 June 2008

Another Love

I have my family, I have my friends, I have my Cricut do I have room in my heart for more? OMG yes !!! Along came Bind it All. How is a girl supposed to curb her spending and use the things she already has when these amazing tools keep saying buy me buy me.

And once you have them it's almost like how did I ever manage before, was there life before Cricut & BIA, how did I ever manage to create any thing. Was my crafting just childs play before?, because I now feel like it's in a different league altogether.

I am now creating things that I want to share, I want people to see, I don't want to spend hours crafting only to put in a cupboard. I want people to see what I am capable of, to see that there is more to me than they possibly know. And what a place to start the world wide web!!!!!, who am I kidding I am probably sat here talking to myself but you know what it feels good. To be able to blow your own trumpet once in a while without the fear of being knocked back feels pretty good, everyone should give it a go.

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