Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Treasure hunting !!

Yesterday was a lovely sunny day, so when we picked the children up from school we decided to go treasure hunting or as the professionals call it "Geocaching". I'd found the geocaching site via another blog a few days ago and it sounded brilliant. You program some co-ordinates into your gps which then directs you to a spot where there is treasure waiting to be found. Using the website I found a spot only a couple of miles from home where there was a least 2 lots of treasure to be found, so off we went.

Where did we go - to the ends of the earth - that's where!!!, we parked the car & set off for what seemed like miles into the wilderness. Up over the hill sides, across a golf course until we could almost touch the sky and what did we find - a golf ball!!!!, 2 hours and 3 ratty children later, one of which had fallen down a rabbit hole & twisted his ankle, a very tired 3 year old who had to be carried all the way back to the car and a 6 year old who thought he was Indiana Jones because he found a treasure stick (a 3 foot tree branch!!!) which too had to be carried back to the car, and no treasure!!!!

All in all not how I had imagined how the geocaching experience would be, did we do it wrong, were we in the wrong place, what was in the treasure box, will I ever find out? Questions that i'm not sure will ever be answered, but if they are I will be sure to let you know.

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